Turbine Oil Cooler

Turbine Oil Coolers are manufactured for use with turbines driven by steam as well as gas.

We carry out thermal, mechanical design and then manufacture the entire ranges of Turbine Oil Coolers suitable for Turbines of any MW Capacity manufactured by M/S BHEL, Triveni, Bellis, Siemens, Alstom etc for their different capacities Turbines. These Coolers are manufactured as per the codes specified by the customer like TEMA RCB and ASME Codes.

The oil used in the system is of 56 Grade. Due to the lubrication provided by the Turbine Oil to the turbine the oil gets heated up, which is cooled by the Hydralic Oil Cooler

Generally the Turbine Oil Cooler is manufactured out of the Carbon Steel and Copper/Admiralty/Cupro-Nickel (90:10)/Cupro-Nickel(70:30) Tubes depending upon the type of cooling water available.

We carry out Thermal & Mechanical Design and manufacture Turbine Oil Coolers according as per the client's requirements.

We carry out the manufacture of Turbine Oil Coolers exactly as per the Client's existing Oil Coolers. For the same we depute our technical representative to Client's Site, examine the Turbine Oil Cooler and manufacture the new Turbine Oil Cooler exactly as per the existing ones.

We also carryout the re-tubing of the Turbine Oil Coolers on site and at our works too. Re-tubing is done and is feasible in case of large MW turbines only.
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