Hydraulic Oil Coolers
Hydraulic Oil Coolers are manufactured for use in injection moulding machines, extrusion press, hydraulic systems.

We manufacture the entire ranges of Hydraulic Oil Coolers suitable for Injection Moulding machines manufactured by M/S Polymechmech Plast Machines Ltd, Filacron Micron Ltd, (Formerly Cincinatti Ltd), DGP Windsor Ltd, L&T etc for their different capacities machines.

The Oil used in the system is of 46 grade. Due to the frequent usage of the clamping mechanisms the oil gets heated up, which is cooled by the Hydraulic Oil Cooler

Generally the Hydraulic Oil Cooler is manufactured out of the Carbon Steel and Copper Tubes and designed by us to give the required oil cooling of the systems as specificed by the manufacturer.

European Countries manufacture Hydraulic Oil Coolers from Aluminium, Brass and Copper for their Hydraulic Systems. We also manufacture Hydraulic Oil Coolers, which are exactly as per the existing Oil Coolers present in the system, so that other piping attachments do not get disturbed. Photographs of the one of such Oil Cooler manufactured by us for Hydraulic Systems from France, is shown below.
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