Retubing is generally advised in cases where
1) Heat Exchanger is Large
2) Time taken for complete manufacture of Heat Exchanger is un-acceptable &
3) Tube Sheets are in good condition.

If the above parameters are met, clients usually go in for Re-tubing. Re-tubing is done both at our works & at site also.

We have complete set of Welding Machines, Argon Gas Bottles Inventory, Welding Machines, Tube Expanding Machines, Tube Pulling Machines/Fixtures etc to take care of Retubing Activity. We have ample manpower, tools and tackles & skills to undertake the same. We can complete the same also within the stipulated amount of time by working day and night. Proper Tools & Tackles are used for the Tube removal, without damaging tube holes. We use state of the art designed tube removal tools. These tools have been developed by us based on numerous retubing projects. Should your unit need to be retubed in a short period of time, we can accomplish this task using these state of the art tools.

Depending on the Type of Heat Exchanger and Service, proper procedure is submitted to client for the same, approval sought and then work is commenced. Time Frames are intimated well before the start of the work and work completed within the given time frame, without compromising on the quality of work.

Operations like Gasket Face Machining, Drilling out of Tube Stub Ends etc are also done as a part & parcel of the Re-Tubing Process on our Lathe machines & Radial Drill machines to ensure the Life of re-tubed Heat Exchanger is more. If possible build up of the tube Sheet to reclaim the corrosion effect is also done by us.

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